Gardening - Roses

       First we would like to dispel the myth that roses are troublesome and difficult to grow. The rose does as most things require care, however we have found them to be strong and resilient plants. Capable of sustaining cold temperatures, abuse and severe elements and still produce wonderful flowers. There are a few pests which will like you enjoy your roses, but nothing that cannot be easily handled. And you will not need to buy interest in a nursery for chemical supplies either.

     In talking about what we have found works, we may, and probably will, suggest brands and specific materials. We do not work for or are associated with any of the products and or their companies. So we make no guarantee for their product, and accept no responsibility good or bad for the quality and effectiveness of any suggested product. There are our experiences and we share them gladly. We however, will not be responsible for results good or bad. Now that has been said and pleased our more timid of the group LOL. 

      Although we have experience with many rose "brands", our experience has been best with the various varieties of rose from Jackson & Perkins. However, don't let the brand deter you from a particular rose you wish to own. With consistent care and precautions, good results can be achieved. 

There are some basics to our success with roses:

Roses should get at least eight hours of direct sunlight each day.

Never water within two hours of sunset. If you do try not to get the leaves wet as this can cause a condition known as "black spot" to some. If it does appear just treat with any commercial rose spray or if available rose dust.

Keep plants pruned back, (about to three feet), to insure fullness of bush. Tall bushes will become sparse at bottom and "gangly" looking. After the flower has died it should be removed. This will encourage new growth and blooms. Leaving the flower/bud will after ripened deliver a ripe rose hip if that is your goal. Leaving rose hips to ripen will delay further blooming. I 

When planting the rose bush, it should be "mounded" about 8-10 inches with a gentle mound to about a foot away from the base stem or trunk. This applies to ground planting not container. Space bushes three feet away from each other in a bed for a bright display and enhanced fragrance. We always add six to eight inches of peat mixed with top soil to the bed before planting. Feed as directed with commercial rose food. Miracle grow and Peters as both good. We also use a product called Thrive. It is a hormone which encourages larger and more frequent growth. We use in all plants.

We have had success in starting roses from cuttings as well. If you use a root stimulator that will enhance your success. Cut at a diagonal and make a slit into the bark from the cut into the cutting-upward. You may also leave a trail of bark skin attached to the cutting. Either place the cutting in water with root stimulator and wait to root, then plant. We have had good success with dipping the cut end of the cutting into a powder form root stimulator then planting into a deep pot. Plant about two to two and a half inches deep. Water lightly and leave in direct sun. We usually see results in about three weeks. 

Be imaginative and feel free to send suggestions and share your experience. 

Roses currently in our garden and in bloom.

Jackson & Perkins Angel Face
Jackson & Perkins Angel Face

Jackson & Perkins Chicago Peace
Jackson & Perkins Chicago Peace

Jackson & Perkins Chrysler Imperial
Jackson & Perkins Chrysler Imperial

Jackson & Perkins Double Delight
Jackson & Perkins Double Delight

Jackson & Perkins Fragrant Cloud
Jackson & Perkins Fragrant Cloud

Jackson & Perkins John F. Kennedy
Jackson & Perkins John F. Kennedy

Jackson & Perkins Sunsprite
Jackson & Perkins Sunsprite


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