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King Edward II (1284-1327)

When Edward's father, King Edward I, brought in a tutor, Piers Gaston, Edward II fell in love. King Edward I, liked Piers, but was upset with the relationship that came about , between tutor and student. King Edward I, had Piers exiled.

In 1307 Edward II ascended the throne and had Piers brought back to England and made him the Earl of Cornwall. For convenience, King Edward II married Isabella of France and had 4 children. Edward II was not into running the government, so, he let Piers rule England. He was a proficient ruler, but he antagonized the Barons. In 1310, the barons got together and forced King Edward II to accept the rule of a 21 member council of Lords Ordains. The Council immediately banished Piers. Piers rejoined King Edward II in England but the barons had him hunted down and killed in 1321.

A civil war broke out because of the baron's hatred of Edward II and his relationship with his new lover, Hugh la Desposer the Young. The barons exiled Hugh and his Father, but in 1322, King Edward II regained control of the country and recalled Hugh.

In 1326, Queen Isabella and Baron Robert Mortimer took control of England. Hugh was captured and his genitals were cut off and burned before his eyes before he was decapitated. Edward II, fled Wales, but was captured and forced to give up the throne to King Edward III. On September the 21st of 1327 King Edward II was murdered in prison by having a red hot poker inserted in his anus. Some Historians theorize that this brutal form of execution was chosen not only in retaliation for King Edward II's homosexuality, but also as a way to kill him without leaving marks on his body.

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