Famous GLBT & GLBTI People

Alan Turing- London 1912 - 1954

Alan Turing was a British scientist whose major accomplishments are in two areas; Cryptography- the study and the breaking of secret codes, and Computer science - related math. Turing proved the theorem of "Universal Computation", basically, a proof that a simple abstract engine (the Turing Machine) was capable of computing a set of functions known as the 'computable functions'. Computability Theory is the cornerstone of what, today, is know as Computer Science. The world has Alan Turing, a Gay man, for the Computers we use today.

He also is one of the first people to come up with the concept of 'Artificial Intelligence'.

In Cryptography, the allies owed Turing a lot for his work in breaking the Enigma Code used by the Nazi's during W.W.II. He headed the group that deciphered the code, helping the allies to defeat the Germans.

Alan did not hide the fact that he was Gay. In the 1950's, the British Government convicted him of the "crime" of homosexuality and sentenced him to undergo estrogen therapy to "cure" his "disease". The hormones caused his mind to snap and he took his own life .

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