GLBT Artists Press Releases

Robert Urban 2-5-03 Jamie Anderson Terry Christopher 1-8-03
Outmusic by Jon Gilbert Leavitt 
Skott Freedman 1-26-03 Duane Simolke
Yolanda Ed Karvoski Jr. Submit Press Releases here.
Robert Urban Updates

Robert is the first person to participate in the SWS GLBT Artists On Art Series with his coverage of the opening of Jade Esteban Estrada's "ICONS: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World (Vol. 1)" See the review here

Happy New Year to all -

Special congrats to Urban Productions client JEREMY BLUE for his debut CD "Embracing This" included in This Way Out Radio's "best of the year show". 
(and in such illustrious company!) I loved working and especially playing on this fine album, and knew when I first heard Jeremy's work tracks that he'd come up with something very special.  Jer 

and I often cross paths on the live circuit,  giving me the chance sit in on electric gtr for his CD's awesome opening song "Don't Know Where I Been".  You can see Jeremy's stuff at 

Cover Art New Robert Urban CD "Rock Widow" and link to Robert's website. The new Robert Urban 12 song CD 
"Rock Widow" 
is coming!
Scheduled for release March 15th, 2003
Will be available for purchase at

Dear radioheads -
My interview on Hartford, CT radio from 1/20/03 continues in part two  - this thursday, Feb 6th - another full half hour on my work & music, plus some new debut song selections - on Hartford Radio's "Gay Spirit" show, hosted by Keith Brown.
WWUH 91.3 FM Stereo
Webcast LIVE - visit 
Thanks to Tom in CT and Anthony in Queens NY, for the CDs/mp3s of the first show - will get it up on the "interviews" webpage of soon.

robert urban

The Urban Productions recording studio was significantly upgraded (again!) in the 2nd half of 2002 - As the scope of the just-finished-soon-to-be-released new Robert Urban CD, (way larger than any recording I've done before)  demanded new processor upgrades, larger memory/storage drives, new A/D converters, effects, sounds, plug-ins, instrument amps, etc, etc - The purpose of all this tech-talk being, as we head into 2003 with two full cd projects and a film score project already booked - we are

Thanks to all the guys who responded to my recent post for the homoerotic vampire/haunted house flick.  Am looking forward to hearing all the dark & imaginative songs. Is gonna be a fun job. With so many responses,  am hoping I can get all songs the film needs just from you guys via the gay music web lists.       

Attn: Fans of "Belly" Dancing -
(Hey Jamie - remember our gig at the old Fast Folk cafe in NYC?)
Back by popular demand!! -
Female AND Male star belly dancers return to my better half
Morgan's New York City IKE restaurant/bar/lounge
every Wednesday night - two shows - 9:30pm & 10:30pm. 
103 Second Ave at 6th Street -
Details on this popular attraction under "B" in any of the NYC nightlife mags.

Stay tuned for some exciting live shows coming soon in the NYC area! ok - back to work - we master on Jan 17th!
robert urban

Stonewall Society Pride Song of the Year Award Winner - "The Waiting Song"
Outmusic OMA Award Winner - Outstanding Live Performer
Outmusic OMA Award Winner - Outstanding CD - "Elegies"
OMA Outmusician of the Year Members' Choice Nominee
Award-Winning Men Book 2002

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Duane Simolke Image and link to his website Duane Simolke Updates

Science Fiction Novel Relates to Real Life.

Even while science fiction fans enjoy the latest Star Trek and Star Wars projects, some of them are looking for a work of science fiction that more closely reflects their internal discord over the realities of modern life on Earth.

Many websites have started adding information about just such a work: Duane Simolke’s novel, Degranon. While incorporating familiar sci-fi concepts like time travel and space travel, this fast-paced adventure also explores many of the issues that Simolke’s readers face.

The character Taldra, for example, struggles with the fact that she must conceal her ability to see in color on Valchondria, a planet where most people only see in black and white. She can’t understand why oppressive laws force her to hide her differences or lie about her true nature. Gays and people of color can easily relate to Taldra, especially in a novel where all the characters are people of color, and some of them are gay.

However, anyone can relate to the book’s multi-angled exploration of religious themes. While one extremist group (the Maintainers) oppresses religious expression and other forms of individuality, the invading extremist group (the Degrans) wants to oppress in the name of God. Worse yet, factions within the planet Degranon slaughter each other over differing scriptural interpretations. Still, two of the novel’s most likable and heroic characters are devout priests.

Simolke hopes that this novel, like some of his other books, will spark important discussions about individuality, faith, violence, oppression, and understanding. However, he mostly hopes that readers will enjoy his work.

Besides writing four books, Simolke also edited and co-wrote a fund-raiser for cancer research (The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer), and he wrote the preface to one of Ronald L. Donaghe’s best-selling novels (Lance). StoneWall Society  honored Simolke with two 2002 Pride in the Arts Awards. 

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Jamie Anderson Updates

Jamie Anderson is a nationally touring singer-songwriter who has taught music
and dance at Duke, the ArtsCenter and other places in the triangle area since 1999.  She writes for Acoustic Guitar, appears in the book "Songwriting and the Guitar", and has performed in hundreds of venues all over the country since the late 80's.  For several years, she studied bellydance with internationally known dancer/teacher Kathryn Ferguson.
Monday nights, January 27 - February 17, 7:30-9:30 pm
Artscenter, Carrboro, 300 E. Main
To register: 929-2787,
For more about class content:

With fun exercises and discussion, we'll explore finding inspiration, writing lyrics, and making up melodies.  For beginning songwriters or more experienced writers who want a slower paced class.  You don't need a formal background in music, just a willingness to have a good time writing songs.  Every student will write at least one song!

Singer-songwriter Performance Lab
Singer-songwriter Performance
Tuesday nights, February 4 and 11 plus one night performance at Blue Coffee in Durham, 6-9 pm Duke, Durham East Campus, 684-6000, For singer-songwriters and other solo musicians.  We'll look at different ways to present your music, getting you comfortable behind a mike and in front of an audience.  You'll learn how to warm up, choose repertoire, put together a set list, use a PA, work with venues, and what to say in between songs.  Students will perform in each of the two sessions, then present their music in a public setting for the final session.   For those just getting
started with performing and for more experienced musicians who want to brush up on their performance techniques.

Telling Your Own Story
Sunday, February 16, 1-4 pm
Duke, Durham East Campus
To register: 684-6000 or
For more about class content:
Everyone has good stories about their past.  With a few simple games and exercises, we'll explore some of your memories.  This is a great way to unleash ideas for journal entries, non-fiction writing, composing songs and other creative work.  This is not a therapy group but rather, a chance to facilitate creativity using stories from your past.  Please bring paper and pen.

Getting Gigs: a workshop for musicians who want to gig and get paid for it
Thursday night, February 13, 6:30-9:30 pm
Artscenter, Carrboro, 300 E. Main
To register: 929-2787,
For more about class content:
Learn how to find venues, approach bookers, put together publicity and get the gig!  Lot's of useful information for anyone who wants to play music professionally.

Beginning Bellydance
Sunday nights, 5:30-6:30 pm, Sundays, January 5, 12, 26 and February 2, 15
and maybe 23
Yoga Spot, central Durham, 501 Washington St, directions at
To register: - drop ins are welcome, you don't have to register
For more about class content:
$50 for 5 classes or $12 each class Learn the basics of this beautiful dance from the Middle East.  This low impact exercise is great for women and men of all sizes and ages.
Visit both of Jamie's Websites:  and 

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Yolanda Updates!
i also totally excited about the way my next 2 shows are shaping up and want to tell you about it-"cause Momma's proud"

Jan.19 Meow Men @ Meow Mix
a monthly queer music night hosted by Yolanda and Robert Urban

This is shapin up great with Freddy Freeman's NEW Band, and the addition of Radical Faerie Performers Clover Honey and C. Ruby Falls, plus Tom Foolery from IDA rounding out the IDAPALOOZA expeience with his mandolin and his really awesome clowning and stunts! Not to mention these JuicY details:

The Jan. line up is called "Faerie Farm" and is a benefit for Faerie Camp Destiny-A Radical Faerie Sanctuary in Vermont. Sliding scale fee $5-$10, 8-midnight

8pm: The Idapalooza Band from Radical Faerie Sanctuary IDA in Tennessee
9pm: SHREE-a NYC Radical Faerie dance/trance explosion
9:30: Freddy Freeman-from the fabulously successful Bearapalooza-Freddy is a great singer songwriter with a beautiful voice.
10pm: AGnes De Garron-a Radical Faerie LEGEND/Dance/Performance Artist
10:20: WOMBA-a celebration of woman's grooves with Radical Fareie friend and ally Robin Burdulis on hand percussion,and tap dancer Margaret Morrison!
11pm: Yolanda with the Idapalooza band plus Robin Burdulis!
OK YOU GUYS!!! This is gonna be so much fun. A mid-winter drag ball to chase away the blues..........come in SCI-FI drag and possibly get crowned as King and Queen of the Ball!
Mr.Joe and YolandaWorld Present:
The First Annual ALIEN LOVE BALL!
"Where the Profane Meets The Divine"
Yolanda and the Plastic Family headlines a new Mid-Winter Drag Ball at CBGB Downstairs Lounge. Come in Fabulous SCi-Fi Drag and party with: 
Yolanda and the Plastic Family-drag queen soul pop
Coco & Co-chantuse/sexy/cabaret
Paprika-hot Brazillian influenced Dance/World
DJ EKON  with Alien/Porno projections by Stephen Kent Jussick
and Special Alien GoGo Dancers
HOSTED by the one and only: LINDA SIMPSON- who will also be crowning the King and Queen of the Alien Love Ball. So drag out those Sci Fi duds and STRUTT for LINDA!
doors open at 9:30, $10 CBGB DOWNSTAIRS LOUNGE
313 Bowery
Lower Manhattan!
see ya'll soon,
Drag Queen Singer/Songwriter
on TV every Thurs.night 11:30pm Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable Channel 57

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Ed Karvoski Jr. Updates!


NOTE TO EDITOR: The author grants permission to reprint the following interview.  For book-cover art and author photos, visit

AUTHOR TALKS ABOUT HIS TROPHY BOYS: An Interview with Ed Karvoski Jr., Author of ‘Award Winning Men’

Q. How did the idea come about to write “Award-Winning Men”?

A. The idea came to me a few days after I quit a job.  I had worked for about a year as a reporter for a “non-gay” regional newspaper.  Mostly, I was writing feature stories and 

personality profiles about people who were “openly heterosexual.”  After leaving that job, I flew cross-country for a long weekend for a change of scenery, and I went for a long walk and meditated.  I concluded that I was the most happy a few years ago when I was researching my first book, “A Funny Time to Be Gay” [released in 1997].  For that book, I searched for openly gay and lesbian stand-up comics, interviewed them, and then wrote profiles.  I decided that I once again wanted to pick a group of folks within the GLBT community and write about them.  Then I got the idea to write about award-winning men of all types—ranging from pageant and contest titleholders to guys chosen as Volunteer of the Year for non-profit organizations.

Q. Were you interested in gay pageants and titleholders prior to working on the book?

A. I must admit that I wasn’t very aware of the various titleholders until a few years ago.  I was doing a book-signing in Massachusetts in 1998 to promote my second book, “What’s Your Gay & Lesbian Entertainment I.Q.?”  A guy asked me to sign his book, “To Mr. New England Bear.”  I was immediately curious about the title and began grilling him with questions.  Working on “Award-Winning Men” was a chance for me to pick up where I left off—posing more questions to more titleholders, as well as other types of honorees.

Q. Have you always wanted to be an entertainment & pop-culture reporter?

A. Yes—among other things.  Even when I was a young kid, I would tell people I wanted to become an entertainment journalist when I grew up.  Who else other than a “gay boy in-training” aspires to be a little bit Rex Reed and a little bit Barbara Walters?!  I actually started writing articles when I was about 12 years old for the Sonny & Cher Fan Club newsletter.  That was many, many years ago—right before Bob Mackie cleaned-up Cher .  And before I realized that Sonny was a Republican.  I still love Cher !

Q. You had the opportunity to profile some entertainers in “Award-Winning Men,” correct?

A. Yes, the book includes a couple of comedians, a couple of filmmakers, an actor, and several singers, from country to cabaret to rock.  Also, several erotic video stars.

Q. With such a diverse group of men covered in “Award-Winning Men,” did you find a common trait among them? 

A. They’re all “out” and proud.

Q. Have you always been “out” as a journalist and writer?

A. No.  Actually, many years ago I used to write for gay magazines under a nom de plume.  Nowadays, I realize that “nom de plume” is French for “writer in the closet.”

Q. Have you ever won any awards?

A. Not since high school.  Back then, my class voted me Best Actor, Best Artist and Most Creative.  Of course, that’s all code for Class Gay Boy!

Q. What’s your next project?

A. I have another new book coming out in the summer of 2002.  It’s called “The Movie Queen Quiz Book: A Trivia Test Dedicated to Fabulous Female Film Stars.”  It includes 600 fun questions about movie divas, past and present.  Despite the fact that the title contains the word “queen” and the subtitle contains the word “fabulous,” it’s not a gay-themed book, per se.  Though, it certainly has a gay sensibility.  After all—I wrote it! 

Ed Karvoski Jr. is an entertainment & pop-culture reporter, and the author of four books.  He and his books have been featured in countless publications, including The New York Times, USA Weekend and Publishers Weekly.  Additionally, the Village Voice dubbed Karvoski "an insatiable vacuum cleaner in the show-biz closet."

To take a sneak peak at some of the guys in “Award-Winning Men,” visit  The book is available at and

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Terry Christopher Updates

 This info is also on my website, 

Happy New Year!
Most of you I have been in touch with over the holidays but if I didn't reach you...I hope you had a GREAT Holiday Season and HAPPY 2003 to us ALL!
2003 has started out AWESOME for me and the CD!  On Friday January 3rd, I received an e-mail announcement from Independent Songwriter Magazine at that I was 1 of only 8

songwriters honored w/ a "BEST SONGWRITER - 2003" found on the internet award!
You have won an ISWM Indie Award for one of the categories listed below.
The categories and winners are listed in random order. Very few people have won this award since its inception and we feel that your work exemplifies the best of indie music and the efforts to keep it strong and vital in the world today.
Once again, congratulations on your award.
BEST Independent Songwriters on the Internet
* Michael Tomlinson
* Joseph Patrick Moore
* Lizzard
* Terry Christopher
* Lisa Nemzo
* Billie Joyce
* Jessica Stone
* Emily Kurn
BEST Independent Songwriter Websites
* Lizzard
* Lisa Nemzo
* Billie Joyce
* Jessica Stone
BEST Independent Music Media on the Internet
* Orchard
BEST Independent Music Resource on the Internet
* CD Baby
Winners will be announced on our website soon. Stay tuned.....
PRETTY COOL huh?  I owe a huge THANK YOU to my friend KEVIN HANNAN who recommended that I submit my CD to ISWM for review consideration.
SPIN ME BABY- Take Another Look is spinnin down throughout Costa Rica and parts of South America in a new indie music program headed by Bruce Callow.  I'll keep you updated on how this unfolds.  
I am also STILL on the playlist at during the Songwriter's Network Saturday evening show @ 6-9pm EST.  I have also been aired down in Austin, Texas at 97.1fm KOOP radio station which played Same Time Next Year & Take Another Look on the Christmas program, The 12 Steps of Christmas.
NOW...I am also in a new music GAME SHOW through called ROCK SOLID PRESSURE.  I
stay in the game and continue to be played by getting votes during the show.  Essentially the singer/songwriter left standing after weeks of competition wins a huge prize package (yes...sort of like American Idol) if you can shoot an e-mail to
THIS Saturday 1/11/ 9pm EST...that would be HUGELY appreciated!!!  It would be AWESOME if you are
around a computer at that time to place a vote at 9pm-EST or 6pm from my West Coast friends.  Also **PLEASE** pass this e-mail on!  I'll send out a reminder e-mail this coming Friday!
I will have my first LIVE (!) studio webcast on on January 16th at 8pm EST.  The DJ's will spin the whole CD for an hour, do some Q&A's, interviews and logging orders to grab a copy of the CD.  Another first for Take Another Look! 
I'll send a reminder on this in the next week.
I will be returning to The Elbow Room on Monday January 20th 8pm EST (SHARP) for a 30 minute set!  It's a $5.00 door/2 drink usual and great space to come hear the songs that are getting great reviews and notice!  I would love to see you and your friends so "Spread the Word" and come give up some love, hear my music and have an adult beverage or TWO!
My web wizard, Roy, is putting a bunch of new things reviews, the ISWM award notice etc...up on my website, so check it out every so often.  A really fun upcoming page is gonna include pictures from gigs around the awesome NYC area!
Take Another Look is doing well in terms of sales and THANK YOU for those that have sent friends to hear it and buy it.  A few of you thought of the disc for a Christmas present and I REALLY appreciate that!  You can get a copy of Take Another Look at,  /  There will be a few more retail options to come in the new of which is VERY EXCITING and hopefully will work's under wraps right now...I'll keep you posted...fingers and eyes crossed!;-)
I have submitted to and am being considered by some indie labels for their artist roster.  Just the fact that they have asked for a press kit and disc after visiting my website, is a VERY positive sign.  Keep your fingers crossed...BUT...if nothing works's all for a reason and all good!
I have been very blessed with amazing reviews of my work which are posted or soon will be on my website. Roxanne Blanford, a freelance music reviewer and music lover, and Len of Stonewall Society gave some super support in their writing.  There are more to come from some European sources in the near future.
If you can believe it, that's it...FOR NOW!!! :-) 
As always I APPRECIATE the time you take from the busy action in your life to follow me on this path!  I am so grateful to each of you and your support and spreading the word in the many different ways you do.
E-mail is such a great tool for us INDIE artists and I appreciate so much YOU who pass this info on to friends that would want to know about the disc and all that is developing!
Thanks again and Have a GREAT 2003!
Terry Christopher
"Spread the word...Spread the MUSIC"
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Jon Gilbert Leavitt photo and link to his website
Jon Gilbert Leavitt

Outmusic NY Outloud Open Mic
By Jon Gilbert Leavitt

The shortest month of the year gave way to a jam-packed Outmusic NY Outloud Open Mic- perhaps one of the longest (and most crowded) on record.


It was, fitting in with the theme of February, a veritable box of Perugina Baci (that's Whitman's Sampler for those west of the Hudson River and east of the Bay Bridge)- filled with an array of candy for all the senses.

The father of queer music, TOM WILSON WEINBERG, hosted the night with warmth and an almost down-home feel.
Sporting his Outmusic Philadelphia T-shirt, he gave the night a sparkle; we could safely say he's the closest thing to a GLBT Will Rogers we have.

Back to the chocolates...there's nothing like the gooey center- rich, drippy and dramatic. Who would have thought ROGER KUHN could have such a Roy Orbison-esque range just by looking at his calm, guitar-toting demeanor? We know JUSTIN TRANTER's vocal range, but he knocked us out with his emotional range, running the gamut in 32 bars. BRYAN WASHINGTON also added a lot of emotion- with a real gooey, heart-wrenching center. Of course, one of the faves in
the box DEIAN McBRYDE belted out a chocolate symphony and vocally he's in top form- we're talking Godiva with a gold-leaf dusting.

Who doesn't love there's TOSHI, who belted out his newest "Oui, oui." Definitely one of those nut centers that explodes pineapple. Newcomer NEAL, fresh from Ohio, is one destined to be a favorite; another virgin Outmusician was the duo LUFF. Two women, one guitar, one cello, one dynamic voice and one amazing sound. GREGORY DeJEAN was back and better than ever- milk chocolate with caramel and cajun spice (goes down smooth and packs a little punch). A nice surprise was MITCHELL HOWARD, in town from Pittsburgh with new CD in hand and rushing off to play Hannah's right after the C-Note; guess he's a Twix bar- a good, reliable favorite that can be split so there's enough to go around.

TWW wasn't the only classic in the room; ZONNA shared a brand spanking new song, with CORINNE CURCIO on
guitar (who also did a great solo number, too) after a hiatus of performing. Seeing and hearing ZONNA was definitely one of the centerpiece chocolates, the ones we gravitate towards first.

Other hidden treats lurked about- ANDREA WEISS not only read more from her lesbian rocker novel "Great Big Something," but also surprised us in saying her next article in TONE AND GROOVE magazine was about us and the open mic! Slam poet, artist and DYKE TV rep ANU RA brought the house down at the eserenelyhe night. She patiently waited all night- serenely sitting in a lotus position, but when she took the mic- fireworks! No doubt- smooth and sweet with an explosive liqueur center that'll bowl you over.

Sweeties unfortunately left in the box (due to time) were KEVIN BRENDLE, KEITH VARICK and TRIBUTE TO OSCAR. Thanks for your patience...and see you next month for sure. And the sweeties who were there adding their
applause and spirit...ED MANNIX, ANDREW BAILIS, RUBBERLEGS' GORDON SMITH and the man of the airwaves,

Whew...a packed night. Happy Valentine's Day, see you all next month- and brush your teeth.

Jon Gilbert Leavitt

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Skott Freedman Updates

Violent Yodel Productions
Malcolm Warren-Director of Public Relations
P.O. Box 266
Charleston, SC 29402-0266

For Immediate Release


 CHARLESTON, SC - January 23, 2003- From BILLBOARD Magazine to NBC News, critics everywhere are becoming strikingly aware of 23-year-old critically acclaimed bisexual singer/songwriter and activist, Skott Freedman.

Freedman's next album, "SOME COMPANY" (set for release on Tuesday, February 11th, 2003), is featured in BILLBOARD Magazine this week and hailed as "...notably personal and vividly cinematic." The young prodigy's fourth recording features his earlier roots of solely voice and piano. With countless performances, Freedman has been recognized for his talents across the globe (including a recent guest performance at the Sydney Opera House and Gay Games VI). Many are dubbing him the next Rufus Wainwright to break through to mainstream music.

Freedman will celebrate the new album's release with concerts in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Charleston. A heavy tour will commence in the spring to support the new album.

Freedman, now residing in Charleston, South Carolina, is currently speaking and performing at colleges and pride festivals across the country. He has conducted various workshops and activities centering on awareness and acceptance of bisexuality. In 2000, Freedman began publicly speaking on bisexuality in response to the growing biphobia that has unfortunately become present in the LGBT community. This speaking has developed into his powerful lecture, "Battling Biphobia and Bringing Bisexuals Back to Both Communities", concentrating on breaking down common stereotypes and advocating for acceptance of bisexuals within the LGBT community.

Freedman has since become one of the most popular speakers on college campuses due to his unique presentation mixed with humor, insight, wisdom, and empowerment. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at several renowned institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, Kansas University, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech, and more. Freedman has appeared on NBC News, ABC's "Daybreak", international radio program "This Way Out", and in national publications such as Billboard Magazine and The Guide. Freedman also serves as the youngest Board Member to the Bisexual Foundation.

Freedman has been dubbed "a ferocious musical talent surrounded by a tender, poetic soul." (LesBiGay Radio). Delivering messages with a one-on-one intensity to a general audience, the independent bisexual singer/songwriter has built a solid reputation among audiences nationwide with his hauntingly beautiful, introspective songs. The Seattle Gay News raves, "Freedman sings like an angel (three and a half octave range), writes like a poet, and plays the piano like a bat out of hell."

BILLBOARD Magazine featured Freedman in February 2002 and hailed him as "one of the more compelling pop singer/tunesmiths we've heard in recent times...a star-in-waiting."

NBC News raves, "Opening people's minds..."

For bio information, reviews, tour dates, and more, visit Freedman's official website:

Soundclips are available directly at:

For further information, artwork or to receive an official media kit please contact Malcolm Warren at 843-534-0442 or at

To download Skott Freedman's online media kit directly (Adobe Acrobat):

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