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CD Review
Levi Kreis "One Of The Ones" CD cover and link to Levi's website LEVI KREIS: ONE OF THE ONES 
CD Review 
By Jed Ryan   

     Raised in Eastern Tennessee and now living in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter-actor Levi Kreis' life story is as intriguing as his music.  It's clear that "One of the Ones", Kreis' sophomore full-length album, is the artistic result of Kreis' years of soul-searching... as well as searching for a soul mate.  Listening to "One of the Ones" makes me remember an observation that a published writer had once made about the search for romantic satisfaction in today's society.  Despite the new openness about sex and sexuality running rampant through our culture at the time, many of us still felt unfulfilled and even empty when it came to relationships.  This particular writer speculated that the solution goes beyond just getting naked; the problem is that we aren't 

getting naked enough.  We stop at the flesh, and don't bare our souls.  The real challenge, he concluded, was about all intimacy.   As the photos on his official website prove, Levi Kreis has sex appeal.  Lots of it.  But despite his triple threat of model-type looks, musical talent, and youth, what stands out first and foremost about "One of the Ones" is that this performer, for his breakout album, has chosen to release a collection of stripped-down, very personal songs.  This is the kind of album that most artists wait years into their careers to record, knowing that their fans want to go beyond music that just "sounds good", and want to get to know the man or woman behind that music.  Sort of a "gift" to their most loyal listeners, if you will.  From the opening track "I Should Go" through to the end, Levi Kreis indeed bares his soul to his listeners... and the audience knows right away that every lyric and emotion is genuine.  On Kreis' official website, the album "One of the Ones" is described as, "an intimate collection of songs regarding the intricacies of human relationships".  Ironically, it's a song ostensibly about the fear of intimacy, the stunning "I Should Go", when the listener is first hooked in by Kreis' naked emotion:
"I should go,
Before my will gets any weaker,
And my eyes begin to linger,
Longer than they should;
I should go,
Before I lose my sense of reason,
And this hour holds more meaning,
Than it ever could;
I should go..."

     Equally as bold a choice is the fact that "One of the Ones" is entirely driven by piano and vocals. Although he can belt it out on the album's live finale "Man Outta Me", Kreis keeps his distinctive voice in the hauntingly mellow to mid-pitch range, with subtle emotional complexities throughout. This singer doesn't need to growl or scream to convey strength, use melodramatic inflections to convey vulnerability, or reach into the bag of technological tricks to make any new fans or critics take notice.  His lyrics are simple, with a distinct absence of metaphor or symbolism.  The intense "Kiss U Yet" conveys the priceless feeling of the anticipation just before that first kiss, and the gospel flavors of "Just This Good" (complete with a "Hallelujah!") equate spiritual fulfillment with the joy of finding that certain somebody here on earth.  Another highlight on the album is "Lonely Sunday Morning", where Kreis' piano musically recreates the natural beauty of a clear, quiet Sunday morning-- yet the imagery is juxtaposed alongside some heart wrenching lyrics about lyrics about loneliness:
"I should just crawl back in bed,
Shut out my heart turn off my head;
But it's impossible to do,
Cause my whole world was you;
It's a lonely Sunday morning,
Cause you left me without warning;
And I don't know how to make it,
Through this lonely Sunday morning..."

     There are also two live tracks on "One of the Ones", including the jazz-flavored "Kiss U Yet" and the crowd-pleasing album closer "Man Outta Me".  For that grand finale, we hear gasps of astonishment and squeals of pleasure from the audience.  No doubt, their reaction is from witnessing Kreis undergo something of an onstage spiritual catharsis through his music.  Levi Kreis new album seems to be the result of years of his revelations in the matters of heart and soul, set to music.  "One of the Ones" will likely provoke Levi's loyal fans-- current and soon-to-be-- to experience their own revelations as well.

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