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2002 Pride In The Arts Award Online Literary Award Awarded to Dyke Write Website.

Dyke Write

Review by Len

      The site Dyke Write is a veritable writers treasure trove. Filled with diverse styles and themes. Yes, the site as the name states is a writing site dedicated to and for women. However, this reviewer found lots of material with which I could and do relate. Resources abound with links to helpful sites and even assistance with web design. No area is left unturned. Some of the material is geared toward adults. This material is well marked. The designers, Scarlet and Phoenix have even developed a special page to explain what is adult material. So you are guided very well through this literary journey.

     Poetry and short stories and prose are published on the site. There is quite a bit of work by both designers Scarlet and Phoenix. However they also publish submitted works. The creators have a wonderful navigation system, and clearly defined copyright policies. Not often seen on such sites. There are three major sections, Poetry, Prose, and submitted works. Although all are broken down by author, name, and once again by style.

     Normally I would have examples of the talent here. However due to time crunches I was not able to secure the proper permissions to do so. In an attempt to keep these reviews equal I will link directly to the favorites I found. This is just a sampling of the majesty of work featured. If I were able to linger longer I am sure my list would be much longer. My goal is to showcase a bit of the designer's talent, which is not to be underscored. In their design and certainly focus, Scarlet and Phoenix have given the world a diverse and entertaining look into lesbian literature.

     Both Scarlet and Phoenix are honing a talented craft. Scarlet tends to be on the spicy, saucy side with poetry excellent short stories which bring visualizations to the mind like lightening bolts hitting the ground. I was torn between two for favorites, although there were many more to choose from and several whose thought provoking words would have caused a longer linger. Which means I will return. "Untitled #2" brought the characters to life and into my heart. I will long remember the name Razamataz with a smile and quirky sense of understanding. A short story of an evening out, it goes much further. Especially when you read the author's note on historical data for this piece. Another of Scarlet's writings which took me quite by storm is "I Did Not Learn Jane Austen For This". A wonderful piece which shares the frustrations and fears of daily life and trudge. One with whom I wholeheartedly related. This is an excellent work which delves into the routine we all fall into and the fear that there is nothing more......

     Phoenix's work on the site is described as evocative, with that I agree. I would add deep, intuitive, and sometimes angry as well. Her works are very image generative, at least for me. Probably why I enjoyed her work so much. In several pieces I could literally feel the heart jump with the knowing recognition of her words. In many of her works, Phoenix brings to mind and heart the experiences we all go through whether male or female. "Oedipus, Oedipus" literally made me laugh out loud at the clever interpretation and (condensed as well). However it was "Lines" which set my mind to whirling. I know the subject matter and have seen what the artist is saying. It is a dark piece but then so is the subject. At least by my interpretation. A great piece to post to friends. It will surely be on my list of links to send.

    The amount of work by submitted artists is amazing. The topics and themes covered are equally astounding. The talent is overwhelming in a very pleasant fashion. Throughout the entire site you will find humor, anger, sadness, joy, erotic styles, and just good old entertainment. One of the submitted works which caught my eye and of course now my memory is "Dear Dyke Write" A delightful piece steeped in tongue in cheek humor with a tad of natural sarcasm. I laughed and smirked for hours. A great poem and an even greater social statement. A great site, resource, and literary achievement! Visit Dyke Write!

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