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"In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man book cover and link to author David E Weekley website. Book Review 
"In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man" 
Author: David E. Weekley 
ISBN 13:978-1-60899-544-8 
WIPF and Stock Publishers 
125 pages plus Foreword 
Review by: Len Rogers

     As a reviewer for StoneWall Society it has been my pleasure to review quite a few books. I feel I must point out that the review process for "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man" has been enlightening and a pleasure. Author David E. Weekley opens not just his personal challenges but his soul in these pages. I am amazed at the courage, dedication, and strength this man has shown in all aspects of his life.

     In sharing his journey David E. Weekly provides a much needed resource for those in the GLBT community. Especially the Transgendered community. Not just about being a member of the GLBT and or Transgender community but also reconciling and accepting his vocation to ministry, humanity, family and God. Something many have found a difficult  task. I am not saying the author always found it easy. He did possess the faith and conviction to achieve his goals, as well as the courage to share with the world an amazing experience. For this we should all be thankful. To achieve any one of these goals would be a major accomplishment. To achieve all is just amazing. 

      As the author and myself come from close to the same time periods, I found I could relate to many of his experiences. We also share a common background in an early life in Ohio. I mention that as I feel there is also much about the area which effects the early stages of David's experience. What I so cherish about "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man"  is that David Weekley is not focused on the negatives, but on the journey itself. That makes all the difference. Whether GLBT or simply questioning all we can find answers and direction from this generous man's life. Answers to religion based questions, family relationships, and social interaction are all here. 

     As one who questioned my own gender as a young man I can further relate to what that experience was like in the early 70's in Ohio and in general. We have indeed come a long way technically and socially since that time. However, "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man" is not just about being a transgendered person. But about being a whole person and making to that point. Again a major accomplishment. Some may say that living his life quietly was not a form of activism. Some may say it was the easier path. I disagree wholeheartedly. As David shows he is a man who walks the walk he has chosen. So there was no hiding, but true living and effecting true change. Sometimes we can cause the greatest change simply by being ourselves. This is just one of David's strengths.

      Due to David Weekley's path and method I believe he has created positive change in our world which could not have been achieved by more political type activism. For David has shown by example that a man is to be best known by his character, his values, and indeed his love. Not by a gender or preconceived notion of what a man, minister, husband or father should be. A true man of faith and integrity, David's journey is a model of how we should attempt to be honest with ourselves and thus be better people. 

     Those seeking guidance in areas of religion, social acceptance, family, and yes being Transgendered will all find answers and help from "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man". That literally leaves me breathless. I can say that in my experience in reading this book answered more questions, gave more real examples of what a man and a real Christian should be. I am honored to have the opportunity to offer a review of "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man". Yet also humbled by David's character and achievements. Beyond a reviewer, I consider myself a social activist. It would be my hope to effect even a fraction of David's success in this area. 

     In any case reading David's book has enriched my life and understanding of the religious / social conundrums we experience. Thank you David E. Weekly for sharing your story and thus making this a better lace in which to live. If I had the ability this would be required reading for any with a religious vocation. Please understand that the experience of reading "In From The Wilderness  Sherman: She-r-man" was one of learning, joy, and satisfaction. Complete with emotion and literal laugh out loud moments. Bravo David! 

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