Ulrichs Award

Ulrichs Award for Exemplary Community Contribution 
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Award Qualifying Description 

     Candidates for this award will be considered based on issues of community contribution. The candidate may be a person or an organization. The community and contribution must directly pertain to the GLBTI community or a specific portion of the GLBTI community. The contribution itself must enhance, improve, or positively effect the overall quality of the specified community. Nominations must show how the candidate has achieved this goal. Candidates must have resided in or supported the nomination source community within the previous two year period. 

      Candidates community contribution may be in the form of community involvement, community activism, community assistance, personal example, and or personal accomplishments. (Election to a political office in itself does not qualify as criteria for receiving the award. Achievements in office would be the criteria for nomination and receipt of award.)

     Posthumous awards will be eligible and viewed as a separate category from living/active candidates. (Posthumous awards could also mean organizations which no longer exist.) Meaning all awards at all levels may include one posthumous award per year. There will be no time restrictions on a posthumous award as there are many cases where those gone have been unrecognized for long periods of time. In cases of posthumous awards, the award certificate will be delivered to either an organization, family member/loved one, or appropriate source for acknowledgement of the recipient. To be decided by the nomination source, StoneWall Society, and possible family member/loved one and or organizational member.

Award Specifications:

All recipients must receive the original StoneWall Society Community Awards Certificate. Local representations and enhancements are permitted with approval. Examples being; The nomination source may elect to create, at their own cost,  an approved by StoneWall Society award in either trophy or plaque style. A photograph of the award must be provided to accompany the recipient listing. The basic text of the award must include the text of the official StoneWall Society Community Awards Certificate. The nomination source may elect, at their own cost, to have the StoneWall Society Community Awards Certificate mounted on a plaque and covered with a glass front. This option is available so that the nomination source may enhance by personalization the recipient's award. In any case if the nomination source elects to create/provide an award itself that would  accompany the official StoneWall Society Community Awards Certificate.

The Official StoneWall Society Community Awards Certificate will be of parchment and or linen stock. Sized to a framed proportion of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The certificate will be dated and signed by the founder of StoneWall Society. Recipient's name will be written in gold ink. Text of the award will specify the nomination source, the recipient's name, time period awarded, and geographic location. Additional paperwork will be supplied the recipient and nomination source containing copies of the actual nominations (if approved by nominator),  and vote comments, (if approved by voter),  but not the actual votes themselves.

The Ulrichs Award will be dispensed annually within community. Meaning no geographic location such as city, state or country, may have more than one award recipient in one calendar year. It is possible for there to be city/town, state, and country recipients one each, (One country, one per state, and one per town), within the same country. The smallest geographic location being for a city/town. Rural will be considered same in level as city/town. In cases where there is more than one candidate, the candidate with the most validated and verified community votes and having met all other criteria will be the recipient. Recipients are only eligible for nomination every two years. Candidates may be re-nominated for the following term. Nominations will be accepted continually and awards will be announced quarterly. Candidates will be notified by StoneWall Society of their nomination for the award.

Candidate Specifications

1.) Candidate must be acceptable to the exposure the award may bring.
2.) Candidate must complete and sign a release for StoneWall Society permitting press notification.
3.) Candidate must not in any manner promote division, prejudice, discrimination, or separatism within the GLBTI community.
4.) Candidate must have accomplishments which meet all award criteria required.

Nomination Source Specifications

1.) Nomination sources must have a verifiable active email and mailing address.
2.) Nomination source must list accomplishments and or reasons for nomination in observance with stated criteria.
3.) Nomination source may not be the candidate.

Nomination Requirements

1.) All nominations at the city/town level must consist of one main nomination and three additional statements of nomination from three unique persons/organizations/sources. State level would be one main nomination and six additional statements of nomination from six unique persons/organizations/sources. Country level would be one main nomination and twelve additional statements of nomination from twelve unique persons/organizations/sources. All nomination sources and additional statements of nomination must have verifiable and active email and mailing addresses.

All reasons for nomination must be verifiable and in observance of criteria required.

Voting Rules:

Individuals from an award candidate's area may also vote in the award process. The voter must provide a valid email address and a correlation that the voter is either from the area of the candidate or personally familiar with the candidate. An example would be someone distant with whom the candidate works on a community committee of sorts. The subject line must read "CAP Nomination Nominee's Name" and the email address to be used for voting is capvote@stonewallsociety.com This information may be placed on appropriate websites and contact boards to encourage a wider community response and involvement. StoneWall Society will tally votes and that information will be used in the final award determination as part of the criteria. A lack of votes will not prohibit receiving an award. In cases where there is more than one candidate there will be a required community vote where the majority vote will determine that portion of consideration.

Only one vote per email address/name will be accepted. Votes from anonymous email or fake email accounts will be deleted. In the event of spam, (an over-abundance of votes from the same email account/name/voter all votes from that email account/name/voter will be disqualified and deleted. Voter email addresses will not be shared in any manner with any party. Voter comments if approved by the voter may be included in documents to the recipient and to show community support on the recipient's directory listing. If Stonewall Society wishes the use of these comments to further promote the Awards Program individual permission will be sought by StoneWall Society from the voter.
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