Community Awards Program

2003 International Recipients

Eleanor Award - Peter Tatchell

International Eleanor Award for Community Leadership
Named in honor of former United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. A prominent activist for human equal rights

Peter Tatchell 
Gay & Human Rights Activist

In his unyielding crusade for human rights, Peter Tatchell has brought GLBT equality to the forefront on many occasions. Creating the opportunity for communication, positive change, education, and increased public support. His personal costs and pains through his unending battles are testament to his stamina. By forging these roads, opening this communication, Peter is leading not just the GLBT community to a better world, but establishing a precedent for social conviction and change. Controversy is a product and effect of change, one from which Peter does not shy. It takes true courage and conviction to be a lone voice in the wind. The time has come for more to hear the message. Thank you Peter for your fortitude and determination.

 Peter's Acceptance Statement:

Peter Tatchell photo and link to Peter's Website 
Photo Copyright Robert Taylor
Hi Len,

On the road, but......

Many thanks for the Community Leadership Award. A great honour. Very kind and generous of the StoneWall Society. Please express my appreciation to everyone involved.

Onwards, forwards and upwards to queer liberation!

Solidarity now and forever! Peter


Peter Tatchell Website 
Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund



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