Community Awards Program

2002 International Recipients

Ulrichs, Mother Courage, and Eleanor Awards

      The goal of presenting these awards to to recognize the hard work and dedication of the recipients. In addition it would be our hope to increase awareness within and outside the GLBTI Community of the recipients and their efforts, thus increasing support.  A more steadfast, consistent, and  connected community is required for these recipients to be successful, and for our GLBTI community to further develop to the fullest positive potential.

      It is in an understanding of dedication, and a strong appreciation of efforts and actions that these awards are bestowed. With pride the StoneWall Society announces the 2002 recipients of the International level of the Community Awards Program.  (criteria)

The Awards and 2002 International Level Recipients

International Ulrichs Award for Exemplary Community Contribution
Named in honor of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs  August, 1825 to July, 1895.

PETER TATCHELL Read Peter's Acceptance
Gay & Human Rights Activist
In his unyielding crusade for human rights, Peter Tatchell has brought GLBT equality to the forefront on many occasions. Creating the opportunity for communication, positive change, education, and increased public support.

International Eleanor Award for Community Leadership
Named in honor of former United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. A prominent activist for human equal rights.

Mary Louise Cervone
Dignity USA/National President
For steady, positive public presence and appositely addressing the misconception of "pedophilia equating to homosexuality" during the Catholic Church's recent and current sex scandals. Ms. Cervone was consistent in her retort and supportive of the entire GLBTI community addressing ignorance while simultaneously creating a necessary bond of support and solidarity between the male and female communities within the fragmented GLBTI community.

International Mother Courage Award for Community Support
Named in honor of Bella Abzug who introduced the first lesbian-gay civil rights bill in congress in 1975. Strong human rights activist.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians And Gays
A positive and assistive support force for the entire community. Successful in bridging many of the "community within community gaps" and creating areas of potential growth and understanding. 

      In that StoneWall Society bestows all awards at the International level the general following criteria is established in all cases;
Verification of Nominees' eligibility by confirming actions which merit recognition.
Private and casual polling of GLBTI community on knowledge of areas and nominees. 
Media presence.
Consistency of actions related to award recognition.
Seven member panel vote.
Nominees for International Level are accepted from both open nomination and panel nomination. The award itself is bestowed from StoneWall Society as a whole.



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