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3rd Annual Bi Men's Conference

Amity Allies: What's Up In Charlotte!!!

Email from someone in Australia about bigotry and intolerance in their country. 


3rd Annual Bi Men's Conference

NEWS RELEASE -- For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Stewart McCloud at: (562) 983-3102
or email :

March 13th, 2002 --San Diego, CA will again be the site of the 3rd ANNUAL BISEXUAL / MEN'S AWARENESS INSTITUTE (MAI) CONFERENCE scheduled for October 18th-20th, 2002 at the Holiday Inn Select in San Diego's Mission Valley. This three-day weekend is hosted by the American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), an organization founded ten years ago to educate the public about the subject of bisexuality.

Research shows that as much as fifteen per cent or more of the population may be bisexual.  Yet, there are still few resources available for bisexual people to exchange information and ideas about their unique sexual orientation, and to garner support for coping with life's issues as a bisexual person. According to Alexei Guren, Program Director for the 3rd Annual Bi Men's Conference, there are even fewer resources focusing exclusively on issues specific to bisexual and bi-curious men. The AIB
created this conference in 2000 expressly to allow bisexual and bi curious men to gather in a safe, supportive environment to dialogue on their issues of concern, including their feelings of invisibility and the societal pressures to remain closeted. The Conference will offer approximately 12 workshops, covering themes including Coming Out, Relationships, Culture,
Spirituality,  Identity and Health to mention a few as well numerous social events over the course of  the 3 day weekend. The past two conferences have been highly successful, drawing men of all ethnicities, races, and religions, and from all across the country to San Diego for an informative and fun weekend. The AIB anticipates that attendance at this year's Conference will exceed last year's attendance significantly.

The October 18th-20th MAI Conference will include a Friday night No-Host Welcome Reception, a Saturday Evening Banquet with Live Entertainment, as well as time to explore San Diego. Registration fees vary from only $40 to $120 depending upon the activities selected by the attendees and whether registration has been completed by the September 27th early bird deadline. Southwest Airlines is offering a special discount for Conference attendee's, additional information on the website.
For more information about the MAI Conference, please check our website at:
For Workshop information contact:  Alexei Guren at: (206) 709-8676 or email
him at:
For Media information contact: Stewart McCloud at: (562) 983-3102 or email
him at:
For inquiries about AIB contact: Dr. Fritz Klein at: (619) 542-0088 or email
him at:

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Vol. III Issue 3 January 2002

Amity Allies: What's Up In Charlotte!!!

Amity Allies: Integrating with

Amity Allies is a social organization for the LGBT Community in and around Charlotte, NC. We gather socially at 8pm every Wednesday at Caribou Coffee on East Blvd in Charlotte, NC. All are invited! We are a FREE group, and have several events throughout the year. Some of our past events include: Charlotte Pride, NC Pride, Fireworks Downtown, Pops At the Park, Whitewater Rafting, Helping other Organizations, and many more. Visit Here!!!!

Hi Folks,
> In an effort to cut down on duplicate services. We have integrated  the AmityAllies website into the  Portal. If you  want to stay with AmityAllies just go to  and sign up. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for the  various newsletters there. This gives you the ability to only  receive newsletters you need. offers links,  articles and events, to mention a few things. This Yahoo list will
stop on March 15th 2002. We made this decision to move to  because is built on a strong  technology foundation and will support other organizations as well. 
Our new email address is: 
Joe Mercer, Director

AmityAllies, Q-Notes, Sensations of Charlotte and Charlotte Pride present the Miss Charlotte Pride 2002
Get out your wig,  get out your pumps, cause girl it's all about U! Show us your best this year at  "Miss Charlotte Pride 2002 "
Your MC this year is Tamalah Taylor. Judges & DJ to be announced! This years Bartender will be Lisa Craig, Creative Loafing's bartender of the year.
This years "Miss Charlotte Pride 2002 " will be held at the spectacular Sensations of Charlotte.
When: Registration starts at 10pm on April 5th or online (see below).  Tryouts are on April 5th from 11-2am and April 6th from 9- 12. Finalist will be announced the evening of April 6th at 12 midnight. From those Finalist, 5 will be chosen to go on to perform at Charlotte Pride 2002. Charlotte Pride 2002 is expected to have over 5000 visitors this year.
One contestant will be crowned Miss Charlotte Pride 2002!
To register go here:

AmityAllies & Charlotte Pride are happy to bring Wayne Besen of HRC to Charlotte Pride this year. We are also working on bringing some other folks, so keep tuned here for more information.
Also, Don't forget, Caribou is out and Smelly Cat's is in: 
Our new home is at Smelly Cat's just off North Davidson on 36th Street. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse is located at: 514 East 36th Street, this is in the historic district. From the center of town:
Start on N TRYON ST going towards NC-49 (like your going toward discover place) Continue on NC-49 1.4 Turn Right on E 36TH ST 0.4
Joe Mercer, Director

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The letter below was written as a response to an Email from someone in Australia about bigotry and intolerance in their country. 

Can You See? By Harry

How can you not want to cry, cry for America the Brave, when you read
this and realize how many cowards and hypocrites scream over the freedom
of speech until you can't hear what anyone is saying anymore. When you
consider arrests made for men expressing tenderness and passion in the
sacred space of their homes, the tender dwelling places of dreams and
domesticity, of the bed and its griefs and lusts and love, of the
kitchen and the hearth -- where the great nourishment comes with cheer
and sweetness from the oven. When even death is not acknowledged, but
hate is institutionalized as freedom to worship without fear (and free
Christians shout "God Hates Fags" through the shut doors of a funeral
for a man who died of AIDS (my friend Randy, who wrote for the Times,
who wrote "And the Band Played On" -- we listened to the chant through
his entire funeral, and you couldn't tell how deep your heartbreak was
as your grief was shoved up into your throat in anxiety). When boys are
beaten for being gentle, when girls are beaten for rough and tumble
football with the fellows and locked up after their first fight for
justice with the town bully. When parents fly from Florida to San
Francisco, walk into the hospital room of their son who is dying from
AIDS, and pray (I was there), "Lord, your justice is swift and complete.
Let our son die quickly, and let him realize in hell what his rejection
of you costs." (They walked out immediately and flew away.) When freedom
is the freedom to oppress. When commerce is the seduction of the poor.
When culture is the violence of video and television. When the body is
decimated by shame. When love is something you find every other week in
the darkness of movie theaters believing that there is value in watching
famous people (who will divorcee their husbands and wives next week)
simulate sex (or all but have sex).

It is the Fourth of July. My tenants Bob and Mary (who live on the farm)
are flying a large American flag. I find my heart stirring when I see
it. I was raised in the South, the poetic and lyrical South, and symbols
have deep significance for me. I believe in the dream. I thank God for
the caginess of the founders of my country. I understand that a good
deal of the tenor of our daily life here is because the Pilgrims had to
leave their own land because they were too dreary to be tolerated. I
understand that, as Plato says, democracy is the second worst form of
government (next to tyranny) but the only viable option. I thrill to the
endurance of the republic.

Bob and Mary are born again. In their home are pictures of themselves
with famous television evangelists. I am lucky, though, that I have
these tenants (they are retired) who are the most nonjudgmental people
I know. Their religion is a religion of sweetness, love of the land and
its grasses, of the trees and their birds, of the mountains and their
promise. They have flown out the bondage of literalism to the still
center of gratitude. They are friends and dear to me and I have their
care in my heart. I have become responsible for them, and that
responsibility is blessing upon my farm. When I look at their flag I
know that their simple apprehension of the country is the right one. Our
differences are enormous. But there is no rancor on the farm. I don't
speak of the specifics of my relationship with Jimmie, although I
certainly forget discretion from time to time and call him sweetheart or
baby in their presence. Once Bob asked me if I was born again (I do go
to church). I answered, "Well, Bob, yes I am. But my second birth was
long, slow, and uneventful." Bob answered, "As long as you are right
with God, it doesn't matter how you get there."

In San Francisco and the many years I lived there I buried friend after
friend after friend. How many died before the President could say the
word, "AIDS." Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Freedom of speech
has become fear of speech. Freedom of religion has become fear of love.

Jimmie and I drive sometimes across the country (to pick up particular
sheep in Montana). It's a 4,200 mile trip. We sing most of the way (in a
truck with no radio). We sing, "America the Beautiful," "Home on the
Range," "I've Been Workn' on the Railroad."

Oh give me a home
Where the buffalo roam
Where the deer and the antelope play.
Where seldom is heard
A discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

The buffalo are gone. I can never entirely escape the discouraging, the
damning, the sickening words. The skies are cloudy.

I am not a person who believes we should all be one great world without
boundaries. We would, more than likely, have no country that practices
the embrace of those who are magically different from those who are
magically like most other people in one way or another. I believe in
God, but I believe God the creator creators diversity out of a sheer
joy. All you have to do is look at beetles, the thousand thousand
varieties. This is the exuberance of life pouring forth from the fount
of creation.

In our trips to Montana we drive through plain states of grasses: wild
thin wind-swept blades of green -leafed, life-giving grass, and corn, of
course, always corn. Monsanto, the largest seed company in the world,
has developed genetically altered corn that does not produce viable
seed. This property is being passed on to other grasses somehow -- the
genetic code. Jimmie and I as grass farmers (if you run a dairy, you are
primarily a grass farmer and your must love the variety in your pasture)
fear the consequences of the greed that obliterates life and decimates
the ability of farmers to farm (the sole purpose for doing this is to
sell seed year after year after year). It is not necessarily probable,
but it is possible that we could lose grass everywhere if this genetic
atrocity proliferates. Dairies would die. Horses would die. Sheep would
die. Vileness would kill the land.

But I still believe in America. I still believe in the the stark
righteousness of the Montana mountains, the gentle roll of the Virginia
Blue Ridge, the hum of humid life in delta of the Mississippi in
Mississippi, the sweet maple sap of the Green Mountains of Vermont, the
wind of the prairies in South Dakota, the endless red shock of the
Badlands' peaks and precipitous canyon sweeps, the brightness of the
stars in the Mojave desert, the soul opening coming across Oklahoma of a
wall of rain (a dark soul-invading angel marching through emptiness
bringing Baptism), the magic circles of west coast redwoods (as one dies
its roots grow up in a circle around the matriarchal life giving tree),
the turquoise of Arizona, the coal of West Virginia, the wet green of the
Oregon cedars.

And I believe there is a sweetness in the soul of folks everywhere. And
I believe there is a tenderness in the dreams of people everywhere. And
I believe there is hope in the tears of all of us.

Oh say can you see? Harry

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Vol. I Issue 15 November 6, 2000


Gib Gay Rights laid a pink triangle wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice (Gibraltar's "Cenotaph") at Sunday's Remembrance Day ceremony in commemoration of gay and lesbian victims of the two World Wars. Gibraltar's highest political authority - The Governor - gave official recognition to the group to attend the Ceremony for the first time this year. A historic first.

Felix Alvarez, Spokesperson for the group, was quoted as saying "This was a historic occasion. GGR's attendance at the ceremony this year was a moment of great emotion. For the first time, gay and lesbian people attended a public function in Gibraltar. Commemorating the sad events of the two World Wars, with the persecution and prejudice which this reminds us of, is a sad occasion and gives us the resolve to continue fighting against prejudice of all sorts. GGR is grateful to Gibraltar for openly accepting the participation of lesbians and gays on this important occasion. It is an important step forward in making amends for the past. It is a gesture of love, no less."

The Remembrance Day ceremony is an occasion for the whole of Gibraltar society to stand united against a repetition of the mistakes of Humanity, against hatred and discrimination. GGR will work committedly to stand up for all that is best and all that is most human in us.

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