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Vol. III Issue 3 January 2002


We wanted to send you this note to introduce you to, a new release by the successful From our experience successfully managing and growing, we're translating that success over to the new, making one of the leading Internet destinations for gay & gay-friendly businesses to market themselves to the gay & lesbian community. is a division of Hyperion Interactive Media (H.I.M.).  H.I.M. is a recent start-up founded by Matt Skallerud, the founder of  H.I.M.'s focus is to develop specialty markets and specialty sites within the gay & lesbian business community, and bring the expertise and success that was part of Gay Wired to these new markets/sites.

If you log on to (, you'll see a site similar to the site.  We're featuring 2 advertising businesses on the front page in the immediate center of the page, which is considered the most visible portion of the entire site. These 2 listings will change each time a visitor returns to the front page, providing our advertisers rotating front page space.

To sign up as a free listing, go to:

One new marketing initiative beginning October 15, 2001, which should drive additional traffic to our site is the purchase of advertising on for the key words of "gay accountants", "gay real estate", etc..  Google is fast becoming one of the most popular search engines on the Internet, and we're excited about this new marketing opportunity for all of us.

We hope you choose to become a part of this exciting site, and please let us know if there's anything additional we can do for you.

Matt Skallerud

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Vol. III Issue 3 January 2002

Blithe House Quarterly : A site for gay short fiction.
Description:  BHQ features a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered authors.  "The central publishing arm of new queer fiction" --OUT Magazine.
Blithe House Quarterly, the leading online journal of lesbian and gay literary fiction, is pleased to unvite you to drop by our site.
Now in its fifth year of online publication, Blithe House Quarterly features new short stories by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) authors -- both emerging and established.  With an average of over 24,000 readers per issue, Blithe House Quarterly is the most widely read of LGBT literary periodicals. OUT Magazine has called us "the central publishing arm of new queer fiction." A recipient of Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide Award, we are also a featured site on Lycos, Excite, and several other Internet hubs. writes: "Blithe House Quarterly is an electronic magazine up to the standards of print." In fact, our literary standards our higher than those of many print media. We publish LGBT fiction not as a genre or ghetto, but as a literature that can stand by any other in its quality and innovation. A key guide to the gay and lesbian Internet said:
"Setting the quality bar [for gay and lesbian writing] is the phenomenal site Blithe House Quarterly. It's awash in awards and rightly so. Of all gay and lesbian sites, Blithe House is the golden child, the one to be entered in the Literature Olympics. None of the stories needs special cosseting as our fiction. Be skeptical and go see the site!"
- GAY & LESBIAN ON LINE, 3rd Edition
Agents and editors read BHQ, so appearing in BHQ can be a great way to be noticed. Stories first published in Blithe House Quarterly have been reprinted in MEN ON MEN, BEST AMERICAN GAY FICTION and in numerous short story collections.

If you have questions after your stay, please direct them to Aldo Alvarez at


You can spend the almighty gay dollar, but don't be yourself at the Lodge of the Four Seasons.

June 18, 1999

White sitting at the dance club, Studios, at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, a resort at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. I was accompanied by my boyfriend, and 7 of my friends, we had seated ourselves and ordered drinks, then began dancing. Other than us there were only a couple of people in the bar. My boyfriend and I danced together during "Cup of Life." In no way were we in distaste during the song. When the song ended and we were exiting the dance floor, the bar manager asked to speak to us outside, one of my friends came with us. We were then asked that we not dance together anymore. It was also stated that if we were two females it would have been okay. I stated we would be leaving the bar and was told we didn't have to. They were willing to take our money, just not willing to let us enjoy ourselves. I later found out, it was the owners, Peter and Susan Brown, who had instructed the manager to do this.

I spoke with the local HRC office in St. Louis and with an attorney who both informed me that with Missouri laws, there was nothing that could be done.

Well, legally there may not be anything I can do, but I have utilized the word of mouth philosophy to tell people about the events that occurred, as well as dedicating this page on my web site to letting people know. This page may not mean anything to you, but next time you are at the Lake of the Ozarks and planning to stay somewhere, eat dinner, or go to a club, just remember the Lodge of the Four Seasons is willing to take your money, but they aren't willing to let you have a good time. I don't know about you, but I work hard for my money and don't intend on spending it anywhere I'm not welcomed to be myself.


You can see David's Award winning site at:


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Vol. I Issue 11 June 3, 2000

GLBT Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Ken Russell

Ken was raised in Edinburgh and as soon as was old enough he escaped to Cambridge, where he attended university and qualified as a teacher. He bought a dilapidated house, renovated it and remained happily in Cambridge until he grew bored with the same old routine and hit the bright lights of London. He bought a flat and settled in Earls Court. He started life anew. And he met James. That was eighteen years ago. Since then, Ken has dabbled in a number of challenging and fun business enterprises, including exporting antiques to New York, importing leather luggage from India, interior design and property restoration in London and San Francisco and even selling condoms at London's famous Camden Lock Market!

His greatest love has always been travelling and he has traveled extensively around Europe, North Africa, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and America. In 1995 he visited San Francisco for the first time and promptly fell in love; he had discovered the city's unique magic. Captivated, he has returned year after year, at every available opportunity. He has rarely stayed in hotels, except on short trips around California, preferring instead to rent a room or apartment. He discovered that it is possible to lead two lives, enjoy two different lifestyles and have two different circles of friends. Every vacation became a unique adventure, where the unexpected provided the most fun, even when travelling alone. Ken's experiences have proved that lengthy vacations are neither expensive nor impossible to achieve. The highlight of his last trip was a birthday celebration spent sailing on a beautiful yacht with friends old and mostly new, down the beautiful Malibu coastline to Paradise Cove, home of Barbra Streisand. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time; this would never have happened if he had been staying in a sterile hotel room. Travelling had never been so easy, so affordable, and … so much fun!

He figured that if he could enrich his own life through travel, he could help others do the same. He began a two-year period of research and planning. When he read that, "like people exchange with like people," he thought, "and just who exchanges with gay people?" At this point he swears he heard bells ring and trumpets sound. He would start a unique service where gay men and women from all around the world would be provided with an opportunity to share a part of their lives and homes with others, if only just for a moment. Everyone would make new friends and everyone would benefit. It was a result of his travels that the concept of @Home Around The World …for People Like Us was born. Ken contacted friends and within a few months had partners in Australia, France, Germany and USA. "A life enriched through travel and friendships is a life well-lived," is the simple @home… philosophy.

Becoming a member is not just about making considerable savings on accommodation. It's also about adding a new and enriching dimension to one's life by exploring new cultures and lifestyles. Through contact with other, "people like us", friendships are established, some transitory, some everlasting and all contributing to the richness of life. Whether you wish to be an exchanger, guest or host, the comprehensive and informative twenty-eight page, "Guide to Successful Gay Home Exchanging," sets out the steps to ensure a trouble and stress free @Home Around The World holiday. Except for short trips, major travelling for Ken however is temporarily on hold, but he fervently hopes to resume his adventures just as soon as he has time to spare. Ken lives in South London with his long-suffering, life-long partner James and Ruby, their beautiful Staffordshire terrier, who has become the centre of their world @home.

To see Ken's site and new concept in accommodations: Home Around The World

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'Net Libel' law to be challenged in Europe

Outcast editor to challenge 'Net Libel' law in the European Court of Human Rights

The editor of a radical current affairs magazine has begun a legal challenge to amend the law that holds Internet Service Providers (ISPs) liable for the content of all websites they host.  It will be the first European Court case concerning freedom of expression on the Internet.
Chris Morris will argue that the current law effectively prevents small magazines and individuals from publishing controversial articles on the Internet.  Outcast's own website was suspended two weeks ago because lawyers for a rival magazine warned Outcast's ISP, NetBenefit PLC, that an article due to appear on the site next month might be defamatory to their client. The site was closed down immediately and is now hosted in exile on a server in America.

Morris will be represented by David Price, a leading libel lawyer, who will argue that the current law breaches Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights - the right to freedom of speech. Chris Morris, said today: 'The current law is unworkable.  Whereas editors can make informed decisions about whether to publish controversial articles, having heard all the evidence, ISPs can only decide whether or not they trust the word of the journalist.  It would be very expensive for them to fact check every article, so they err on the side of caution.

'Ministers have been unable to give an assurance that this issue will be given parliamentary time.  A legal challenge seems to me to be the only way to put this issue on the agenda, and ensure that the law is clarified.

'My case will not make it any easier for journalists to publish libellous or dishonest material. I believe that journalists and editors must always be held to account.  But we should be accountable to the courts, not to an ISP whose only interest in the article is a commercial one.

Outcast is a queer current affairs magazine run by volunteers.
Contributors include Peter Tatchell, Ken Livingstone MP, David Borrow MP, Paul Burston, Mark Simpson, Chas Newkey-Burden, Emma Butcher and many other well-known writers.
- The magazine's website can be found at


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